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My sainted aunt! What a race! (What happened to the "no-one can overtake in Abu Dhabi" rule? Apparently no-one told Seb.)

This is why I watch F1.

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It was probably the most entertaining race of the season so far. Including the amusement of trying to interview Kimi and Seb on the podium afterwards.

Kiki is, of course, renowned for his taciturnity. I loved the way he kept telling his engineer to go away and shut up over the last twenty or so laps.

Of course, it was Kiki who started the swearing too. Seb took it up from there. And David, it was no use muttering about second languages - Seb speaks English as well as you do. He knew exactly what he was doing.

I laughed like a drain when DC asked Kimi about emotions. Kimi doesn't do emotion! Yes, the exchanges over the radio were great fun. The engineers looked pretty amused about it afterwards as well.

It was fun watching DC squirm over the language.

I'm convinced the practice of measuring a much faster car against those at the back of the grid and choosing the correct moment to pass hones the techniques thus allowing him to judge more finely the opportunities at the front of the field against more comparable cars. Also it's a huge confidence boost to have completed that many successful overtakes. I think there's an element of desperation like you seem to see when a football team has been reduced to 10 men and should really lose.

Excellent race - I spent much of it watching Seb's on-board on main screen with the main view in the corner and the main audio. Annoyingly, when he reached the front of the field they stopped the on-board before he'd finished overtaking. Excellent result, though I imagine Webber was somewhat dis-chuffed with where he came out after being pitted. :(

I imagine Mark was, indeed, annoyed, but the team had already told him in so many words to let Seb past, and it was pretty obvious Mark was not going to make it that easy for him, so the team avoided a confrontation over it by calling Mark in.

So then, of course, Mark came back on in the middle of a scrap between some young drivers who already have a bit of a recklessness rep... Actually, that probably cost Red Bull the chance of sealing the Constructors.

The BBC commentators are still making excuses for Grosjean every race, but really...

And Rosberg was so lucky...

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