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ms marvel
I understand from scans_daily, over on Dreamwidth, that Brian Bendis, having, thank goodness, rehabilitated the Scarlet Witch, has now resurrected Janet Van Dyne/Pym, the Wasp, one of my favourite characters who has been dead for a while in Marvel 616. And now she isn't! (She also got to snog ex-hubby Hank Pym, Thor, Cap and - with helmet on - Iron Man.) This, together with giving Carol Danvers her own comic, as 'Captain Marvel' (she has also been Ms Marvel and Warbird) means that some of the most powerful women in Marvel outside X-Men are now back and up and running.

This makes me really, really happy.

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Now that is good news.
(I missed Wanda.)

I was very angry with Bendis's treatment of Wanda in Avengers Disassembled and House of M. I haven't read The Children's Crusade or Avengers vs X-Men (though I suppose I will, eventually, have to read the latter) where Wanda began and completed her rehabilitation, but I love Wanda as a character (though not in Ultimates - erguh.) She's an Omega Level mutant and, of course, none of those are very stable. Homo superior? Not very...

This makes me happy too, because I want to get to know Jan. I've read fics with her and she seems like a great character.

She's a wonderful mixture of ditziness and shrewdness and courage. (The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes version is also incredibly fierce.) She went into the superhero business to avenge her father and to be with the man she was falling in love with. She has occasionally behaved appallingly (particularly when she tricked him into marrying her when he had was going through a mental breakdown.) However, she is a Founding Member and has chaired the Avengers during some of their most dangerous adventures. She knows how to lead.

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