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Today was good (except for a blip.)
Bren adult
Woke up this morning with a good idea as to how I was going to deal with the next action sequence in this 'ere story. Once that is written I just have to tie everything together and put in some more description etc, and we'll be done.

Yesterday's cap_ironman Big Bang fic was very readable and, what's more, comic book rather than film. (Today's looks even more interesting being based on the cartoon Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes which I really like.

The Heating Engineer rang and we now have a service date.

The post saw the arrival of this T shirt


which I have coveted since it was the 24 hour T-shirt of the day on Facebook and the copy of The Invincible Iron Man: Execute Program which is not that easy to obtain currently but which, hey, I only ordered on Thursday...

At 16:05 today we discovered that:
1) Frankel is so laid back nowadays that he is practically horizontal.
2) So is Tom Queally.
3) Frankel does not particularly like very soft ground.
4) Both can give five lengths at the start to the second best horse in Europe and possibly the world, who is a soft ground specialist, and still cruise past him as if he was standing still.

We put together a great salad for dinner -- and this is where the blip comes in -- only to have Bren steal a whole slice of roast beef from my plate. (He nearly had the second slice too.) This wouldn't have mattered so much if beef had not been one of the things to which he is allergic. Grrrrr. Bad puppy.

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Ooh, that looks like a fun t-shirt. (And vastly preferable to the depressing reality of the presidential race in the real world.) My brother got a 'Stark Industries' hoodie and a 'Keep Calm and Assemble' t-shirt for his 18th - we now need to work out how to peel them off him!

The hilarious thing is that this was designed and came out before the current Ultimates storyline where Steve actually does become President, apparently. (I do not love you, Ultimates, for reasons you know very well.)

They do campaign posters, too, but, I know I'm a fangirl, but there are things even I won't do. (Not many, mind you.) What I adore about this design is the symbol merging the ARC reactor with Cap's shield - a really spiffing design.

Good days are a good thing, even with thieving puppies.

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