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Marvel's 'The Avengers'
assembling avengers
For those of my British friends who need to know about

the US Avengers DVD/Blu-Ray set.

We don't have a Blu-Ray machine yet, but the DVD (though Region 1 coded) is of visibly higher quality than the UK Avengers Assemble DVD and is playing nicely on our multi-region machine.

I am still trying to locate the Blu-Ray Region coding on the pack, but we intend to get a multi-region machine anyway...

The DVD contains the Whedon commentary, but the gag reel and deleted scenes are only on the Blu-Ray. For the moment, I'm fine with that, as I've seen the deleted scenes as they popped up on YouTube.

Worth the $27ish I paid for it? Definitely.

Later: internet research suggests the US Blu-Ray is, indeed, Region free. This is generally Disney policy, though they also try to prohibit "exports" which they can't do for personal use, only for commercial use. (The list of things you are not supposed to be able to do with this Blu-Ray/DVD is totally ludicrous.) However, Disney UK, flooded with complaints, have been recommending that UK Blu-Ray users buy the US disk!!!

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That's worth knowing: thank you.

Thank you! That was the news I wanted to hear :-)

Thank you!

Mr D is off to the US tomorrow, so I'll ask him to see if he can get a copy.

Disney's video tapes used to have prohibitions against renting them, though nobody paid any attention.

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