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The Angels Take Manhattan
A lot of it was very ordinary, but the ending was a good, old-fashioned tear-jerker. Everyone was acting in character, and I like River's get-out-of-jail-free card. Also that it tied back to the one unexplained thing in The Eleventh Hour.

Not the greatest tale Moffat has ever told, and I am very sorry to see Amy and Rory go, because I love 'em to bits. River's still around though...
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I thought the Moff wrapped things up pretty well, harking back to Blink and the timey-wimeyness therein, and the ep looked gorgeous, with the location filming definitely paying off. And this year I am really loving Matt Smith's Doc. I do hope he stays another year or two yet. The emotional moments were all great, too.

Shame they seem to be copping out on Dalek!Oswin, though...

I enjoyed it. It was the obvious way to allow Amy and Rory to depart in an unambiguous manner. Once I heard their final episode was a weeping angels one I expected something not entirely unlike that. Glad River is still around, though.

I would however, welcome a new Doctor. It's still a great programme, but Matt Smith doesn't do it for me.

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