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The Awkward Aardvark Is Growing Up
Bren Scents the Air


My Ring

Bren Uses the Sofa to Look at Me
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Splendid pix - particularly the top one. And the bottom one needs a caption!

He's a very handsome chap.

The bottom one is basically, "Look at me! If you come off the computer, I'll come off the sofa!"

I love that third pic :-)

He is a fine looking dog.

A very elegant dog indeed - he's definitely turning into a swan!

Oh, isn't he splendid! And doesn't he want everyone to acknowledge it!

I love the third picture. He looks like he's saying "What'cha doin'?"

he's actually daring Draco to come and take his ring.

He's very pretty! What breed is he?

He's a Smooth Collie - exactly the same standard as the Rough Collie, but with a short coat. He's just coming up to eight months old.

Lovely pics! He looks gorgeous.

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