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Fun Jumping
On Sunday the 3Ls went to run fun jumping at a Companion Dog Show in Romford (i.e. "just for fun" classes), at the Millenium Centre at the Eastbrook End Country Park. I was pushed into entering Bren in the pedigree puppy class and ended up with third place - but we will not be doing it again. Bren was bored and made it very clear he was bored. We were busy with the fun jumping all day, though this year we had enough people around.

Waiting for Customers

However, I didn't get many chances to take photos, so most of the one I have are those of the 3Ls making use of the course before stripping down after the show closed.

So, here's Lexy...

Lexy's Flying Leap

And Ina and Draco...

Jean and Draco

Max the GSD/Lab cross

Max Jumping

Star (who first attempted this at the same event last year, and is now an expert, whether run by his owner, her daughter or her best friend.)

Star Knows the Way

Peggy - who will run for anyone. Her owner has occasionally actually handed her over to someone in a queue during a competition and seen her run well, though she will turn and bark at her handler to "Hurry up! This way!"

Peggy Jumping

F. accompanying husband, got to sit with dogs a lot.


And sometimes it was difficult to get a dog through a tunnel

Calling the Dog

And even an experienced dog can refuse a fence - in this case Teasel decided she'd had enough.

Teasel is not going to Jump

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These are splendid! Draco looks very handsome. I'm rather taken by the pic of Lexy!

Lexy is lovely. She belongs to our instructor (along with a much younger, much naughtier pair of working sheepdogs) and will run for anyone, even a kid pulled from the crowd. I'm very pleased with this picture.

Bren is too smart for it. Smart dogs are easily bored at those events. We had a (less smart) dog, Teddy Bear, who used to do well. We loved him dearly, but Chows aren't known for their smarts.

Draco is clearly very smart, too, but sometimes a rare one noses through.

Edited at 2012-09-21 11:40 am (UTC)

Lexy is clearing that jump by a mile while Draco demonstrates great style and efficiency. Star looks like a real pro and Peggy is the cutest thing ever. :)

Lexy is an old hand and is actually clearing the sort of height she would normally be asked to jump in competition as the jump is set for something Draco's size. Her owner loves this shot.

Star is a huge pure bred Border Collie and from the time he joined the 3Ls it was clear that this is his game. He ran the course with his owner's daughter and got the very best time of the day (by about five seconds.)

Peggy is so cute but she is getting on a bit now, and injured herself badly last year.

They do look like they are having fun.

When Peggy was out with injury last year she spent all the time at training barking in fury because she wasn't allowed to run...

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