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Dinosaurs on a Spaceship!
I wasn't expecting to enjoy tonight's Who because, well, Chris Chibnall, but I really liked this. It was silly and funny and nicely characterised and a team episode and had quite reasonable dinosaurs and Amy and Rory being awesome.

Well done that man - the best episode he's written. Not that this is saying a great deal...
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I thought it was great fun. And you can hardly go wrong with dinosaurs on a spaceship :-)

Yup - I agree with you. Loved it.

And an Indian space station. I loved it, too.

It was totally bonkers and - for a change - written with children in mind. I'm not sure that Nefertiti and the big game hunter were used enough to justify their addition to the team, but the backchatting robots were funny. I also loved Rory's dad and the dynamic between them - 'It's all about pockets in the Williams family...' - and that scene at the end with Brian Williams sitting on the 'front door step' of the Tardis, drinking tea and watching earth from space was perfect. I admit I was wary about the Chibnall episode because I've never quite forgiven him for the sex-gas episode in Torchwood - but this was OK. And I gather that this isn't the last of Brian Williams, which is excellent.

It was enjoyable wasn't it :-)
Love Rory's dad.
Love the postcards :-D

It was as silly as hell, but made of win.

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