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The Trial of Jim Shooter
ms marvel
Until very, very recently I had forgotten why, precisely, I gave up reading superhero comics for ten years in the 70s and 80s, and gave up Marvel for longer. I have, for fanfic research purposes and also because, hey, it's an era where important things happened to the Avengers, been reading collections from that era, to wit, The Bride of Ultron (#158-167) and The Trial of Yellowjacket (#212-230)and I have to say I never thought I could be so nostalgic for Stan Lee/Gerry Conway/Roy Thomas dialogue.

Can I bear to use any of Shooter's actual dialogue? I think not.

(I am still trying to get over Tony as Iron Man calling Jarvis 'Jarv'.)

Also, movie addendum, because you can't catch all the references particularly if they are to something you don't particularly like - it was not until reading this week's Radio Times that I realised that the reference to Coulson's "cellist" girlfriend is actually a James Bond reference. Grrr.

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That was the one reference I did get, oddly!

My Bond-fu is totally non-existent.

My Marvel-fu on the other hand...

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