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The Bletchley Circle
I am watching The Bletchley Circle. I haven't been so enthused about a TV short-series in years. The logic is good, the characters are sharply observed and the ambience is dead right for the early 50s.

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Well, that's IMDB for you.

Unfortunately, the writer, director and producer are all men, but it's brilliant and I don't really care.

I know nothing about this, but is it actually set in Bletchley? Having grown up there this would be interesting...

No, it's mainly set in London. Four women who worked as codebreakers at Bletchley Park come together ten years later because one of them has seen patterns in the actions of a serial killer.

Yes, we watched it last night and enjoyed it. I even got G to watch it by refraining from mentioning that it was a serial. He hates things in parts, but now I've got him hooked. Bwa-ha-ha-ha!

Yes, I stumbled on this and enjoyed it a lot.

Is there anything in the show about cryptography, or is that all in the past?

It's a Criminal Minds/CSI sort of thing, with the women using their pattern recognition and other codebreaking skills, as well as using their old contacts from Bletchley and SOE days.

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