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In Which Draco Finally Competes in Agility
Yesterday, Ina and Draco went to compete at a British Agility Association show near Redhill. The day was, at least, fine and Bren and I went too.

Draco was entered in three competitions and there were a certain number of unanticipated problems... At the agility club, I have been around since Ina started training with Draco, and since we got Bren, he has normally come with me because it's good socialisation for him. Draco does his runs and ignores us both. So no-one was anticipating that on entering the ring, Draco would come running towards us. It was even more unexpected that when Ina retrieved Draco, Bren would slip his collar and charge into the ring after him. Luckily, the ring judges are actually the club trainers, and C. was able to throw her arms around Bren in the sure knowledge that he would appreciate a hug. Draco, eliminated.

I didn't see Draco's second run because I was in the car with Bren. I am told he did all the obstacles if not necessarily in the right order.

Unfortunately in the last class, Ina asked me to bring the camera and try to get some photos. Unfortunately, despite being a distance from the ring, Draco saw me and came shooting across the ring towards me. I had to retreat to the car!

However, just to prove Draco can do agility...

Yes, Draco can do this

Down the A-Frame

Scraping Over

Well Clear

The Flying Flea


Flying Ears

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Did Draco get an award for Friendliness, Enthusiasm, and Knowing His Owners?

No. Three eliminations and a lot of sympathy.

I'm sorry about Draco's being eliminated. I hope you and Ina at least had a good time; many of the dogs you photographed seem to be enjoying themselves at least.

It's not unexpected to be eliminated in novice. In fact, even if you are eliminated, the BAA allows novice dogs to finish their round for training purposes.

Dogs adore agility.

I'm glad he got to finish the round; I'm sure the practice is helpful.

And I can see why dogs would love this event. "I can jump over stuff and climb on stuff and run under stuff and people *praise* me instead of *scolding* me! This is wonderful!"

That's a good policy. It would be very disheartening to have gone to all the effort to get to the competition, to be in the ring for just a few seconds. I'm sure that once Draco has a few more competitions under his belt, he'll get the hang of it. :)

Edited at 2012-09-03 11:06 am (UTC)

Well, the BAA is basically about having fun, particularly at the lower levels. The Kennel Club is much stricter.

(Deleted comment)
Draco would be great at agility if he would just listen to Ina.

Bren has been given taster sessions at the club. He loves tunnels and 'got' them almost immediately. He will also run with me over jumps at micro height -- he's far too young to do serious jumping.

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