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News from the Vet
Scott-the-vet just phoned.

Blood tests came back with the news that Bren isn't, thank goodness, allergic to any environmental factors, but is allergic to a list of foods topped by beef and milk, but continuing, at varying levels, with lamb, pork, corn(maize) and turkey. As we have been feeding him hypoallergenic food containing lamb and treats containing turkey, this necessitated a trip to our local pet shop, for ordering of Duck and White Fish versions of the food on which we have been feeding him, and packets of Duck based food and treats. He is okay with eggs, chicken, potato, rice and wheat as well. If he develops further allergies there is highly specialised stuff using hydrolysed protein.

Anyhow, I'm going to start the shift tonight (he will still have to have some lamb-based stuff mixed in to keep his stomach happy) and hopefully we might actually see a little improvement by Monday when we go to see Scott.

We're going to be shampooing him too. Joy.

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Ye gods, that's almost as complicated as feeding sidhe_woman!

Corn has a pretty disasterous effect on one of our cats- so we tend to use James Wellbeloved turkey and rice. They do a duck and rice variant too.

We've had good results from Bozita, available from www.zooplus.co.uk

He's been on James Wellbeloved Lamb and Rice Junior Large Dog, which is now a bit unfortunate. I have both Duck and Fish on order, and Duck in the house.

However, there are specialist companies which do things like Salmon and Potato, and we shall go to those if it proves necessary.

Oh, poor baby! But it's great that it's so easy to find something for him to else to eat, though.

I just hope that the reason there's been no reaction to duck/fish/chicken is not that he's never eaten them. I may look into one of these companies that delivers fresh food and see if we can afford it.

Edited at 2012-08-08 07:23 pm (UTC)

There is that... I really hope that is not the case; it's bad enough to have a sick puppy who can't manage some food, but everything? Fresh food might be the solution; sad that it is so expensive.

I hope it isn't either. Poor puppy...

Oh, how complicated. I'm glad it's not environmental, however. Best wishes.

Well, it isn't that complicated because, say, James Wellbeloved only contains the meat or fish stated, plus rice, plus tomato plus herbs. The other hypoallergenic foods contain a similar mix, so the salmon and potato jobbie will only contain those a veggies - and dogs are generally not allergic to veggies.

Indeed, but you've had a lot of stress over this!

Well, at least you know what it is, which is something. I went through the 'try this, then try that, then try cooking things yourself' method with my cat, which was a bit frustrating (not to say messy, as the symptoms were stomach upsets rather than itching). As far as we could tell at the time, she seems to be sensitive to just about everything, including home-cooked chicken and rice, except Hills Prescription i/d dry food. I suspect that it's actually more complicated than that, but as we have a solution which works for everyone I'm not that inclined to risk having an unhappy cat, unhappy humans and unhappy carpets in order to investigate further.

Good luck with the shampooing!

I think the Hills you are using has hydralised protein which our vet has on his list as the final reserve.

Blood tests that can pick out the allergens are very, very new. (And probably expensive, though our vet knows we are insured so hasn't said anything.) They are the alternative to having a dermatologist shave a large path of skin and inject tiny amounts of allergens under it, all under anesthesia, which is damn expensive and probably means a long journey for the animal.

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