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Bren and the new experiences...
Bren has had an exciting couple of weeks - firstly, he got a new way of travelling in the car

Bren in Harness

Two days ago he got a brand new bed

Sprawled on the new bed

And this morning he was bathed, because he is still itchy, and we thought an anti-itch shampoo might help. (Believe me, lifting him into the bath nowadays is... well ... interesting. I will tell you tomorrow if my back is still working.)

After that, he decided he didn't love me anymore, and retired to the sofa with Ina (and making Draco run for cover.)


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OMG, how he's grown when I've been busy doing anything-but-LJ. He's so handsome!

Good to see he knows how to drive safely. :) I hope your back isn't suffering too much - how much does he weigh now? 40 pounds, or so?

Last time we weighed him, some four weeks ago, it was 20 kilos. I would suspect it's about 23 now, but we will have him weighed in the vets tomorrow.

No wonder your back's a bit sore, then.

The vet has no idea what the itching is, still?

We've eliminated flea allergy and both sorts of mange. He's been on an allergen free diet for the last month, and we've kept him away from agility for the last ten days in case it's the rubber chips that are the flooring.

He's still itching, though it isn't as bad as it was. We may have to hit a dermatologist... Could be carpet mites, I suppose. Or possibly an allergy to grass seeds. We'll see what the vet has to say tomorrow.

Good luck with it--there are so many possibilities, but it seems eliminating one after the other is the way to go. Poor Bren.

Bren is now 23 kilos.

More blood tests and skin scrapings have gone off to the lab today to check for the more usual allergies. At the moment we are doing pallitive care - anti-itch shampoo, skin vitamins sprayed on his food, aloe vera wipes, and, when it gets too bad, anti-inflamitories (my vet trusts me to know when to use those) plus the very long-term course of antibiotics.

As you estimated... so no surprise there. Poor Bren, it's a bit of a though start for a puppy, that. Hopefully the tests show something this time.

He's such a sweetie - calm and loving and intelligent. It just breaks my heart to see him pull his hair out.

I certainly understand that. If only it was possible to explain to animals that everything is done to relieve them of the pain/discomfort/itch...

He sounds like an absolutely adorable dog with a very sweet disposition. (Much like the lovely collie I knew earlier.) I mean... if LDD had suffered this much... OMG, the drama! :D

Oddly enough, Draco had demodectic mange as a pup. They inherit it from mum, quite often, but it didn't appear to bother him - he just lost hair.

It's such a hard life, being a dog. :-)

Isn't it?

Why, just a few moments ago he had to alert us to the fact that a pigeon had just hit the window by leaping onto both sofas and trying to hide behind us.

Well, pigeons are very dangerous!

I'm sure the little brute was dive-bombing Draco (who cannot see a pigeon without a frenzy of barking.)

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