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Much Amused
by Danny Boyle's Olympic opening ceremony. Could he have been more political if he tried? You could almost think he rewrote it at the last moment to embarrass Mitt Romney.

Her Maj looks displeased - and those corgis - which I hope weren't actually hers - were TOO FAT.

David Beckham, on the other hand, looked delighted at being allowed to speed up the Thames in defiance of the Port of London's rules.
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This is my favourite bit, watching all the happy athletes, particularly small groups and women from countries who haven't fielded a women athlete before.


I don't have a TV, and streaming is not available outside the UK. What happened?

Apparently the NHS is run by Voldemort. Or something. And it's saved by Mary Poppins. Maybe it's a metaphor for the private sector being the solution to healthcare problems in this country...

Oh, it's a usual Olympic opening ceremony in that some is good and some is bad... It was a sort of dip into British history, but much was made of the National Health Service (and how wonderful it is) and the Industrial Revolution, the UK armed services and a big moment for Tim Berners-Lee (who invented the World Wide Web and made the idea free for everyone to use), with lots of working class honest toil and not a single mention of the sponsors or commercial entrepreneurs of any nationality. There were a couple of lovely jokes, some of which are already up on YouTube involving Daniel Craig and the Queen, and, later, Simon Rattle and Rowan Atkinson.

Oh, it occurs to me that you might not have heard that Romney managed to put his foot in it several times since arriving in the UK and both the Prime Minister and the London Mayor very politely p*wned him.

Edited at 2012-07-27 10:17 pm (UTC)

On the subject of sponsors, I could have sworn that the smartphone that Rowan Atkinson used while playing the keyboard part in the Chariots of Fire them was an iPhone.

That's unfortunate...

Damned if they did and damned if they didn't on that one - if they were going to use a mobile phone at all - there's no such thing as a 'generic' and someone was bound to spot the make.

For what it's worth, I can't tell one hand-held gadjet from another so any subliminal advertising was lost on me.

That sounds cool. Thank you. Will look up on YouTube.

Romney made a fool of himself pretty nicely over there!

The Queen does look a bit grumpy! Is it past her bedtime? Mind you, maybe she felt jumping out of a helicopter with James Bond was a bit beneath her dignity.

I've enjoyed this Opening Ceremony far more than I expected. Rowan Atkinson was probably the high point but can you imagine trying to explain some of this to other countries especially the US?

And Mitt Romney actually makes our politicians look good...

David Beckham, on the other hand, looked delighted at being allowed to speed up the Thames

Heh. I misunderstood that, first time through. Sweet Thames, flow faster - I wondered how he could do that...

Hrmph. Technically, he was speeding *DOWN* the Thames.

You expect coherence from me when I've been up since 5am...????

I think they were stunt corgis. I enjoyed the ceremony a great deal. I doubt I'll watch any of the actual games, but I do like the pageantry.

I was almost in tears during the chariots of fire sequence, though was aalf-expecting Rowan to jump into one of his own cars in the film sequence. Brilliantly played. My father was entranced by the whole thing and he hates popular music with a vengeance, but I caught him tapping his foot to some of the rock sequence.

Am I the only one who saw that 'forged' ring spouting sparks rising up and couldn't resist calling out 'One ring to rule them all!' Really, the whole thing, Voldemort included, (and good on JKR to read from Peter Pan) was so Tolkienesque it was unbelievable.

I suspect the Queen was doing her best not to break into a delighted smile. I'm sure I saw hints of it in the film sequence, but she did very well to be so serious about it. And yes, I suspect that given she had to sit there until the end and then travel back, possibly even after a meet-and-greet line up, it was well past her normal bedtime. Not to mention Phillip's. Chances are she was up at some ungodly hour in any case and had already had a full day.

We knocked it on the head at 10.30 at the end of the A's, which was already 2 hours past my father's normal bedtime. :)

I think my favorite moment was Kenneth Branagh's "Fear not. The isle is full of voices" speech.

You know, this just couldn't compete with Beijing's pull-out-all-the-stops presentation four years ago -- I don't think anything could -- but I related to this one so much more. Shakespeare and children's literature! How could I not?

I was a bit surprised that Queen Elizabeth read the "games are open" line off a scrap of paper -- looking down rather than at the camera, even. I would have thought she could do that sort of thing in her sleep without prompting.

I got the impression it was long past her bedtime. She looked extremely miserable at various stages of the proceedings.

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