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Saturday Photos
Today, it was Roding Meadows turn to find themselves invaded by Lil and Ina and LDD and BDB.

It was very wet (we are talking about water meadows after all

Water Meadows With Lots of Water

But Bren and Draco enjoyed themselves.


and I actually got more damselfly photographs...



And this is why we call Bren 'the aardwark'.

Fast Dog

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That first one has a lovely feel to it - the big open skies and the wide green meadows, I think!

I love Roding Meadows - it's owned by Essex Wildlife Trust and the river Roding flows through the bottom of it. Real watermeadows grazed by longhorn cattle, and full of flowers (including some rare orchids), dragon and damsel and butterflies, and lots of birds including egrets and kingfishers -- yet bounded by the M11 on one side and playing fields on the other.

Very happy dogs! And those dragonflies are amazing.

We were going to take you up there, but we got sorta behindhand. Next time, maybe.

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