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Oh, Peter...
I am deeply upset with P J Hammond. Listen, Peter, old son, you do not, as in no way, as in never, do your research by watching a movie.

Last night, in Torchwood, during a discussion of the Cottingley fairies, it was said that Conan Doyle was fooled by them (correct) and so was Harry Houdini.

For those of you who don't know, Harry Houdini was never involved with the Cottingley fairy photographs. If he had been they would have been exposed as fakes within hours. I have deep admiration for HH's rigor in debunks. The canard comes from the movie, Fairy Tale where it is a complete and utter invention.

On the other hand, it was a typical P J Hammond story, tough and scary, and, unfortunately, ignoring a lot of established continuity. He can't write funny to save his life, either, which is unfortunate with Captain Jack as one of the main characters.

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There is a real shortage of good bat caves in TV and Cinema, the original one in the Tomorrow People was made of old vacuum cleaner parts! I quite liked the HQ in UFO though.

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