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It is very, very wet. Draco hates paddling, but Bren loves it.

Bren and Ripples

We were out on Fairlop Plain, and Bren is actually standing in the middle of a main pathway.

Plenty of wildlife through. This picture of a whitethroat is just good enough to be able to identify it. (Okay, it could be a Lesser Whitethroat. Picture not good enough for that - or me not good enough at identification...)


On the other hand, there were bags of insects, including a surprising number of Large Whites and Skippers. (Note the careful lack of identification of which Skipper.)


But this is the photo I'm happiest with...

On the Thistle

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Those are great photos :-) I've tried to take pics of butterflies but they usually fly off before I get my shot :-D Mind you, I only have a crappy camera.

Macros are the one thing that my small camera (a Lumix - top of the range about four years ago) finds very difficult, which is why my SLR came with me instead.

With butterflies you just have to wait, wait, wait for one to settle. People who specialise use a tripod. I use a hand held telephoto and fast shutter speed. Also, I take a lot of photographs for each one worth uploading to Flickr.

All the photos are good, but that last one is stunning! One to enter for a competition?

Thank you. I am pleased with that one.

I like your use of light.

That last one is fab. I tried for a photo of one of those red beasties once in Hainault Forest and only got a blur...

Macro photography is one of those things that is really, really difficult without a high quality optical lens, through the lens focusing, and good control over shutter speed.

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