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This is, unfortunately, my life...
Friday 13th

Wake up at ungodly hour (i,e. 4am) with scene I had no intention of writing almost fully formed. Write bits in notebook.

Poked at by various kitties so provide treats.

5:00am Get up to take Bren (now also known as 'the aardwark' because have you seen the length of his nose?) down to the garden. Bren declines to go. I win this argument, and Bren pees mightily.

Check my e-mail and LJ.

6:00 Both dogs demand to be fed. Feed dogs. Make tea. Give Bren pill.

6:15an Go back to bed. Bren sprawls over end of bed, with various cats in attendance. I squeeze myself in and go back to writing in notebook while listening to last episode of what appears to be "The Further Adventures of Dr Syn" or possibly "The Courageous Exploits of Dr Syn" or maybe a mixture of both...

Somewhat later. Get up. Type.

9:30 Fit Bren out with his new car harness that he's only worn once and not in the car. Put Draco in big cage (which is now too small for Bren.) Lift Bren (20 kilos and counting) onto back seat of car, which is now equipped with free Royal Canin seat cover (pity Bren no longer eats Royal Canin) and clip him to child seat fixings. Bren gives me sorrowful look, lies down, and puts his head on my knee. (I am on back seat to comfort and reassure him.) Ina drives to Roding Meadows. Bren behaves impeccably. Draco complains he no longer has a companion in the boot.

10:00 - 10:40 ish. Walk on top bit of Roding Meadows. Meet various people with dogs. It is very wet but not raining.

10:40 - Home. Bren still behaving very well for a dog in harness in car for first time.

From then on eat, type, read (I have three new sets of collected comic books forming a sequence by a favourite writer, so amused comments to Ina as I read. "Dr Doom, eh? I can see Tony's point about you, T'Challa. Not the ally I'd pick.")

Bren has to be fed at 12:30 to 1pm so feed him, which entails weighing his food, putting hot water on it, then waiting until it is cool enough to eat, putting the half anti-inflammatory he has at midday into a bit of kibble and getting him to eat it from my hand. Draco hovers. If I give him a piece of Bren's kibble he won't attack him over it.

2pm Start listening to Kermode and Mayo. Unfortunately, we don't get any film reviews until 2:50 because, hey, we have to listen to lots of people waffle about two news items that could have been delivered in one minute. Even if people listening to the film reviews were interested in Rangers being bumped to Scottish Division 3 and John Terry found not guilty of racial abuse (or, to be more precise, the Magistrate finds there isn't enough evidence and the case fails) this is excessive. On the other hand, it has become clear that Radio 5 is actually Radio Football.

Give dogs a dried pig's ear each to shut them up. These are expensive but enormous. Draco's is as big as his head. At first all is peaceful, then Draco decides he would rather have Bren's pig's ear and we have a squabble. Bren, who is a peaceable dog, quietly goes and picks up Draco's ear.

More typing. Hey, 1300 words or so today. Not that I had ever been going to write this scene in the first place. Oh, well...

5:30 pm. Take dogs out. Skid, fall on my backside, and bounce on the waterlogged turf. Ina tells me this was hilarious to watch. Oddly, have no mud on trousers, just water.

Make tagliatelle a limone for dinner. Yum. Unfortunately, also find brand new expensive zester from Lakeland totally useless. Ina tries it. Agrees totally useless. Use grater.

Take pigs' ears away from dogs. Feed dogs (and yet another Bren pill). Fill up water bowls.

Go back to typing and internet, intermittently.

Get e-mail to say Flickr Pro account needs renewing before five days are up. Go to pay it. Fail to remember password. Re-set password. Card number they have has expired. Reset it. Told I am putting in wrong information. After third try, get mad and tell website will put in new payment method. Type in same card number and details. Site says, "Ooops! You haven't updated this account." I scream. Then, suddenly, it tells me it's accepted. Yahoo, I do not love you.

Feed cats. Make tea.

Get into squabble on fanficrants. I really should know better but fannish entitlement gets me every time. Have a nice off-topic conversation with someone in the middle of this though.

To bed at 11:00, after washing and filling water bowls, putting Bren in his crate and topping up the dried cat food. Cats are waiting for treats. Feed cats.

Asleep some time around midnight...

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Curious - is that the zester that's supposed to catch the zest in a little drawer-like thing for you?

Ah, yes - I see it on their website. I appreciate the warning - I was zesting two lemons yesterday with a standard grater, and pondering whether there was a better way.

Normally they're fine, but the one Ina bought seems to be blunt - and it hurts to use it because of the sidepiece that is supposed to let you cut strips. Our old one (which Ina had thrown out, darn her) came from a supermarket and cost a couple of quid and lasted us for years.

I actually got it from Sainsburys rather than Lakeland (though they both sell this 'Good Grips' stuff). I have just left a 'poor' review on the Sainsbury's site.

Generally speaking I find that 'cheap and basic' tools work better than the bells and whistles versions.

Heh, I left ffrants a while ago and my f-list has been the better for it.

A day filled with puppies and writing actually sounds really heavenly to me. :-)

I have been dogpiled on ffrants more often than I care to think about, but so long as you can sit on your hands most of the time, and when, you don't, resolve when you reach a certain point that 'I am deleting all notifications from hereonin' and stick to it, you can get much amusement and an occasional nodding acquaintance out of it.

It's metafandom that I really, really, really had to delete before it got too much for my blood pressure.

What was the argument about?

Oh, someone complaining that she's encountered a pairing she hated as background in a story (i.e. a couple of lines) and how dare they not list every single pairing (except, apparently, canon ones), well at least tell her about this pairing blah, blah, blah. As someone who actually thinks warnings are fannish entitlement in the first place...

Oh for fuck's sake, that kind of thing pisses me off big time!

Like the stupid person who once told Luka that the Ryan/Stephen story she'd posted was a disappointment because it had no Abby/Connor in it.

That does seem rather... odd. Why would anyone expect A/C in a Ryan/Stephen fic?

Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

A/C is a canon pairing. If you like it, you might put it in as background, or, if, like me, you don't, you might put in, say, Stephen/Abby as background just for plain satisfaction. Whichever, author's choice.

It was delightfully random!

I get equally irritated by people who say, 'I don't normally like this pairing but...' I always want to ask why the hell they're reading it at all!

Oh, and this poster told me at one point that she was entitled to good grammar, punctuation, characterisation etc.

I wish.

She isn't. Not in fan fic. You have no entitlement at all as a fan fic reader. This comes of anyone being able to post anything they like, with no intervention of editors etc.

Speaking as someone who receives and reads/reviews vast numbers of books for a website, I can assure you that the editor is very much an endangered species. I'm stunned what gets past the professional presses.

Talk to me! I have just been reading P D James Death Comes To Pemberley and am itching to re-write it as halfway decent fanfic. (To be fair, Phyliss is in her 90s, but she does have an editor (and possibly a ghost writer, on this evidence)).

My reviewer for that slated it. As did another of my reviewers who adores Austin and loathed the way James totally marginalised Elizabeth.

My day was fairly routine -- writing, laundry, cats... This one got off to a great start at 2.15 a.m. when Mooncat got into bed with me and promptly threw up. She does love company when she vomits. Sigh.

Little girl cats, so thoughtful...

Sounds similar to my own life, only with the one dog (but a husband added).

Fanficrants gives me a rash. I cannot go near there.

As I've said above, I rarely intervene on fanficrants, and always in the knowledge that I may have to start deleting notifications unread, but the comm that does my bloodpressure in is metafandom. I never actually post at fanficrants.

Metafandom's well and truly dead and no one seems to be bothered replacing it. It's hard to find meta nowadays. I lurk at failfandomanon to get my fix of that kind of thing now.

I'm not surprised. Metafandom was at the centre of practically every XXX!Fail on LJ, or at least boosted the signal.

It sounds rather a nice day :)

I swanned around with lukadreaming for the day.

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