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Richard II on BBC2
One of the greatest opening scenes in Shakespeare cut to ribbons. Second scene missing entirely. Long credit sequence that adds nothing at all to the text. The stunningly formal duel scene also cut to ribbons. The politics cut out of one of Shakespeare's most political (and, at the time, dangerous, plays.)

I am annoyed. And we're only a quarter of an hour in!

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And the verse-speaking is appalling. I'm on the point of giving up on it - and the histories are my favourites.

This is a play I know very well indeed (did it twice at school, once in the 4th year, once for A level) though it is not one of my favourites. However, the opening is terrific.
Or would be.

If they mess up Henry IV Part 1, which is my very, very, very favourite Shakespeare play (with only Hamlet running it close) as I fear they will, I may throw something at the TV.

It's making me twitch in memory of all John Barton's work around the Hollow Crown theme for the RSC.

Oh well. I assume Patrick Stewart has a tax bill to pay ... Ditto David Morrissey.

We're thinking of digging out the Bardathon DVDs and having a look at this. As I recall it is beautifully cast and rather good.

Ah, that would be the quarter hour that I missed. I turned on at the banishment scene.

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