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Bren (and Draco)
I haven't been posting much about the dogs recently, mainly because getting up at 2am to let Bren out and then getting up at 6 to let him out again while he is on steroids has left me wacked.

However, he stopped scratching entirely when on a (relatively) high level of steroids. Now the dose has been halved he is much brighter in himself but we are getting the odd too-pink bit of skin and the occasional scratch, so I think we have more tests ahead. Anyhow, here he is in Hainault Forest


This is the view we see most often of the LDD and BDB (Big Dog Bren)

In Step

And this shows their current relative sizes.

Round in Circles We Go

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He's growing fast. I hope the tests come up with something soon and you can once again enjoy enough sleep.

He's in to the vets tomorrow.

Oooooooh - *that's* what LDD stands for! I've been wondering. I'm sure you said at some point but long enough ago that I'd forgotten.

The two of them off an adventure down a leafy tunnel is fabulous.

I hope you find the source of the itchiness soon.

Well, we only started using BDB today...

Yes, but breaking down the acronym gave me the clue I needed for the LDD.

The one in the middle reminds me of Winnie the Pooh and Piglet, off on another adventure ...

Ina keeps humming the theme from The Littlest Hobo

Those are splendid photos. I must post one on Facebook of my brother's curly coat retriever and Parson Russell terrier - very different sizes there!

I hope you can get to the bottom soon of what's making Bren scratch ...

Well a proper Parson would be bigger than Draco...

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