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It's Not Always Fun Having a Dog.
I am so tired.

Bren is on steroids and while this has pretty much (within 24 hours!) stopped his skin problems, it means he is drinking lots and lots and peeing lots and lots. The first night he peed all over his bedding and was an upset doggie. So last night I got up at 12:30 pm (he refused to move from his bed), then 2pm (likewise) then 3pm when I carried him out into the garden (because he is following his beloved Draco in refusing to go out in the pouring rain.) Where, admittedly, he peed excessively and poo'd. This has put my back out (Bren now weighs about 20 kilos and while he doesn't stuggle, carrying him downstairs and out into the garden is not as easy as it was when he weighed about 8 kilos.)Rough and Smooth Collies are great at looking miserable.

Trying to catch up on a little sleep this afternoon, I was enthusiastically leaped on by Draco, who was barking excessively.
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Oh, dear. I hope tonight is a lot more restful.

Oh, dear. It sounds almost as bad as having a human baby. I hope you get a good night's sleep tonight. :(

The thing about puppies is that they stay puppies for less than a year. But this is something that would be a problem with any age dog or cat.

Bloody alarm didn't work so I woke up at 3:30 because I could hear the puppy whimpering downstairs -- and why was he whimpering? Because he had been forced to pee in his cage, though admittedly on the puppy pad and vet bed. So we went to the garden and then he spent the rest of the night on the end of my bed.

Oh, the pleasure of being owned by a dog... I hope the peeing gets better, especially since it stresses poor Bren too.

Luckily, he's only on steroids for ten days, the dose is halved after the fifth day (which is only two more days) and I can halve it before then if the redness goes completely. If I give it to him in the morning maybe he will be able to last through the night.

At least there's an end to it, no pun intended. Did the vet know what it was, Bren's itch?

Apparently there are a lot of things it could be, so he started with a pair of generic treatment to make him feel better (the steroids) and an antibiotic which will deal with half a dozen of the possibles. (We are already using the Advocate spot-on which deals with some other nasties.)

If this clears up the redness and the itch for good, fine. If not, we have to start on expensive tests.

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