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Just Another Week
The jubilee weekend rather passed me by. The only two things I wanted to see - the river pageant and the Queen's Horses display - were both ruined by a determination that vox pop needed to be inserted at all points and that the bits they could cut out were the ones with boats and horses.

On Friday we were supposed to head to Cambridgeshire for an agility event where Ina had entered Draco. Well, you know what Friday was like and Draco does not do rain. At all. So we didn't go.

So this morning I decided that Bren had to go to the vet. For some time now he has been scratching extensively, has trimmed the hair away on parts of his legs, and is bright pink in places on his skin. He has also managed to scratch himself raw under his elbows. We now have antibiotics and steroids for him, which should deal with the itch temporarily, at least. Beyond that, there may have to be more investigation. Draco was due for his injections so in he went too -- and came back with yet another set of eyedrops in an attempt to cure his persistent conjunctivitis.

On the other hand, we went for a walk in Roding Meadows and it was lovely and sunny.

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Has Bren got any hives? I'm just asking coz a friends dog ended up being - if not exactly allergic, at least very sensitive- to something out on her walks. She got treated with some pills to keep it at bay and now (a couple of years later) she has grown out of the sensitivity.
Hope the little fella gets better soon.

There are a number of possibilities, some of which the antibiotics and/or the Advocate we use for fleas and worms (and which also tackles mange and other things) may eventually clear up. If it's an allergy it's going to cost, probably, but the lad is insured. (Yesterday's treatment came to £1.80 under the excess.)

And he isn't a little fella anymore. More like 20 inches at the shoulder and heading up for 20 kilos. (He should, eventually, be 24-26 inches at the shoulder and 30-34 kilos.) I can still lift him when I have to, but it isn't so easy now.

Draco gets nettle-rash and allergic spots from peeing up against wild vegetation. Bren's a long way from lifting his leg, particularly if you judge by the size of his "are you sure they are both there, well, if you say so Mr Vet" balls.

I hate the way we are expected to be more interested in random commenters than the actual event. It drives me nuts, too.

The Beeb are getting an enormous amount of flak. The POV messageboards were full of complaining people, there was much shouting on Feedback, and the broadsheets had a field day.

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