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Sometimes I love fans...
black widow
I'm not going to repost the whole thing, but noscans_daily has a long and predictable rant by the "onemillionmoms" website about the fact that Marvel are finally having the Canadian mutant superhero Northstar marry his long term boyfriend and that DC comics have announced that one of their 'iconic' characters will be outed as gay when reintroduced into the nuDCU shortly. (Much speculations about this, of course.) However, there is a gloriously funny reply from a comic book shop owner in California responding to the post on Facebook, and this I will reproduce.

A brief letter to ONE MILLION MOMS:

I'm writing to your organization today in hopes that you'll help me and in turn, help your boycott. My store, Galaxy of Comics, located in Van Nuys, CA, intends on selling both the Astonishing X-Men #51 (the gay wedding issue put out by Marvel comics) AND the issue (as yet unannounced) that will be released by DC comics that will reveal one of their "Iconic" characters to be gay. Since your organization is doing such a great job of getting the word out about these two events (I've never had so many people asking about these books so you must be doing something right), I was wondering if you could start an AD CAMPAIGN asking your membership to boycott my store specifically. A national AD campaign would be great, but even a small local buy here in the San Fernando Valley would be super. Make sure to include the address of my store, 17306 Saticoy St, Van Nuys, Ca 91406, that we're open most days 11 AM to 7 PM (9 on Wednesdays!) and the fact that we will have more than enough copies of each of these books to supply the ENTIRE valley. Suggested pitch: "They are just THAT evil!"

Thank you in advance and keep up the good work.

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Hah, the (two) Moms had to crawl out from beneath the stone for this one. If it wasn't so tragic, they'd be amusing.

But damned, how I adore the Comic Store Guy. It's the perfect reply to their nonsense.

That letter is made of win. :-D

I think I might just have to send them some Violet Crumble ... :-)

Can you imagine little boys saying, "I want a boyfriend or husband like X-Men?"

One can only hope.

Well, they all apparently want to be Wolverine (though I suspect the Hugh Jackman version rather than the Canadian psychopathic runt.)

Oh, that's brilliant. Love it!

Shows how out of touch I am last time I paid attention he was in Alpha Flight.

Marvel have often had a good take on bigotry. I think I might dig out my copy of "God loves, Man Kills" for a reread.

I'm not sure if Alpha Flight still exists. I don't actually read the X books nowadays and only sort of keep up by using Wikis and watching scans_daily over on Dreamwidth.

Of course, a lot of mutants are still de-powered from the House of M debacle, and Brian Bendis sort of sideswiped a lot of Canadian heroes in single panel of New Avengers...

I know I should never be surprised by the stupidity of this kind of bigot but havng glanced at their (rather nasty) website...

... and they think comic book heroes are good role models? Huh? Oh, of course, like every simlar pressure group, they haven't actually engaged with the subject. Ooookaaay, let's encourage our kids to grow up to be semi-psychotic, like Batman, shall we?

Comic shop guy? Just full of win.

Well, says she, I'm not at all sure the entire violence-solves-everything thing (though, ultimately, I suppose, it does) would go down too well, not to mention the supposedly admirable team leader who marries the clone of his dead lover and has a child with them, then leaves both when it turns out said lover wasn't dead after all, marries said lover after the death of said clone, then leaves her for a (possibly) ex-supervillain.

Or the even more famous superhero who made a deal with the sort-of devil to resurrect a family member with the cost of his marriage which now never happened.

Or another very famous superhero who not that long ago used his mental control over computers to turn off the life support system keeping a close friend alive.

Then there was the very messy abortion one hero's girlfriend performed on herself for reasons that seemed good to her at the time.

I could go on...

Yeah, I'm sure they'd approve.

Oh, that's very happy-making!

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