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All fall down
So, this morning I'm in a bit of a hurry because one of the dogs poo'd in the hall. (My own fault because I'd been reading fan fic and, specifically, the update of Four (or Five) Reasons for Kidnapping Tony Stark and a new fic from the Avengers Big Bang The Twice Told Tale by arysteia - one of those stories that turns itself inside-out half way through, and made me cry quite unexpectedly over an unexpected reconciliation - Ghu but I love the Steve/Tony part of this fandom!)

Anyhow, I hurried downstairs to pick up said poo and let the dogs out properly and I tripped over Bren and, falling, put out my hand to save myself against the wall. Unfortunately, my hand hit right against the corner and bent my thumb back, well, far enough to sprain it or strain the tendon ... I'm not sure which. But it hurts despite being stretched bandaged and Ina's extra-strength painkillers. And, of course, my thumb splint is for my right hand, not my left. *sigh*

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We've been reading the same stories today.

Your poor thumb. *sends Hagrid with liniment*

You me and several thousand others...

*Huggles Hagrid*

Ouch. Ligaments don't heal very quickly because they don't have their own dedicated blood supply, and diffusion isn't very efficient unless you have only a single layer of cells to contend with. (I think you're more likely to have sprained a ligament than strained a tendon, but I've always had problems learning muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Tendons don't heal much better than ligaments, though, for similar reasons...)

I hope nothing is actually severed. I'm not sure about compression on the area in this case, but rest (only for about a week if things go well), ice, and elevation should help. And anti-inflammatory painkillers (e.g., aspirin, ibuprofen). I think keeping the swelling to a minimum is of paramount importance at this stage. What kind of painkillers are you using? Opiates are generally frowned upon for most uses--but I'd expect them to make a dent in your pain... Are you planning a visit to the A&E some time soon?

I don't know if this is likely given the mechanics of your injury, but check for pain and swelling specifically at base of the thumb (the anatomic snuff box). The scaphoid bone, located there, has a funny blood supply of its own, so a scaphoid fracture could lead to death of this bone (so-called avascular necrosis).

P.S. Generally, meds like ibuprofen can be taken at higher doses (for short periods of time) than what's stated on the over-the-counter bottle, but that's "prescription strength," so you should probably see someone about your hand.

We have 400mg Ibuprofen in the house for Ina's frozen shoulder (it's available over the counter in the UK, so long as the pharmacist is assured you know what you're doing) and that's what I'm using. I did cool it extensively when it happened, and will ice it again.

Thank you for all that good informed info, and I will be careful. It's swollen but not badly swollen. If it doesn't settle I'll go to A&E, but I really think it's just a sprain

Well, it's semi-informed info. :) Getting a physical exam and an x-ray for your hand at A&E would not hurt (well, chances are that it would hurt, but you get my meaning).

And I was going to suggest seeing a doctor if you hadn't already, so I second this. It doesn't sound very good.

I hope it isn't as bad as you made it sound.

I shall keep my fingers crossed (er, sorry) for a speedy recovery.

Ooh, ouch. My thumb joint was compromised when I got dog-bit and 7 months later it's still sore but I do have full mobility back even though some movements still hurt. Don't take chances. Go to A & E and get it X-rayed.

Ouch. I hope it recovers soon.

Ouch! I hope you recover quickly and with a minimum of pain.

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