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Bren is Growing Up
Bren at nearly 16 weeks (Friday) looks like this

Bren at 15 weeks

He is about eighteen inches high, and his back legs are not as co-ordinated as his front legs, but we still often get a proper collie trot out of him and, while he is not supposed to do much running or jumping at his age, he runs at Draco and has been known to jump over him. He also likes rings -- but then so does the LDD.

Tug of War
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He looks so handsome in that first photo. He's starting to look more like an adolescent and less like a puppy.

He's very forward. We just have to keep him from overstretching himself.

They looks so gorgeous together. Are they proper friends? (if you can say that about a pack animal).

They play with each other, when they are not trying to chew each other, and Bren thinks Draco is wonderful. Draco is not so sure. They can be a pain, but we're getting there.

He is beginning to look like a proper dog and not a puppy any more.

He's gorgeous! And oh, he has grown so fast.

What bothers me is that he doesn't really eat enough for a pup his size and age (and he has to be tempted to eat) though he isn't too thin.

Oh, I can understand that. But as long as he's offered food and a quiet place to eat it, I wouldn't worry too much. What are you feeding him?

The Royal Canine Junior dry food he was brought up on, plus small amounts of puppy canned food mixed with it.

I'll probably supplement all of this with pasta and veggies, meat and tripe when he's a little older, but his stomach upsets fairly easily.

You haven't considered BARFing, have you? It takes care of both the upset stomach and the lack of appetite. Imho, the dry Royal Canin (and similar products) is a bit problematic; too many carbohydrates, grains and protein of inferior quality.

The mix with canned food and leftovers sounds like a good idea. My best tip in that regard is to get hold of some liver pate and mix with hot water to pour over the dry food, simply soak it in that lovely mix--that helped a lot when I was still feeding mine processed food.

Thank you. I've been wary about coming off high quality dry because it's pretty much the right nutrient mix for a growing dog. And collies have a rep for sensitive stomachs. He does like his dry mixed with wet and gravy, though.

What a handsome boy. :)

They grow up so fast. :( He's a stunner, though. And Draco is in fine form, too.

Up is certainly the way Bren grows!

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