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Back at teh ranch
Yay! Looks like I can use my old LJ theme again - much prefer it, though I have noted the ones I don't mind using.

Bren is getting on splendidly, except that, as usual, the breeders' standard advice ("Keep feeding the branded dry food we fed him, only up the 'age-ratings' as time goes on," isn't working. He is reluctant to eat as much as he should, and keeps trolling around Draco's wet food bowls. Guess we're going to have to compromise.) He knows 'come' and 'sit' and 'down' and walks on the lead - though we are going to have to teach him to 'walk nicely' - and is now dealing with the stairs and the road a lot better. Said breeders have also found my Flickr set for him, because one of those pictures (and not one I sent them) has mysteriously appeared on the Smooth Collie database along with his name and pedigree. Petplan phoned me about his insurance, so that is now dealt with. Now all I have to do is get round to changing his registered owner to me with the KC (because I know I can do it on line, of course I haven't got round to it.)

Bren has now also met Pamela-next-door's dog, Bonnie ("His colour reminds me of my old Basenjis") and Debs-next-door-but-one and her Affenpinschers Troy and Stitch ("He makes me want another puppy." Pamela: *agree*!)

My blood pressure is now such that my GP remarked, "That's almost too low," yesterday. So new medication is working. I also had an interview with the pharmacist in our local Lloyds about my medication.
Her: You're also taking statins. You do know what you're supposed to avoid, like grapefruit juice.
Me: Yes, of course.
Her: What? That makes you an exception - most people taking statins haven't the faintest idea.
Me: I read labels. And contraindications.
Her: Looks at me as if I had just breezed in from Outer Space.
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We have never managed the 'stick to the familiar food' line with any of our cats, at least. The food is always sweeter in the other bowl.

Draco is, at this moment, whining pathetically and standing on tippy-toes in an attempt to get at Bren's (discarded) good bowl.

Well, if HE won't eat it...

I read labels, but I've rather given up on the warning notes included in the pillboxes: when I pointed out to the pharmacist, and subsequently to my GP, that the information in the metformin pack said to avoid alcohol while taking it, they looked at me as if I was mad.

The grapefruit juice thing is a large part of my reluctance to start taking statins, but again the GP says no, don't worry about that (and durham_rambler doesn't, and no ill-effects so far...)

Congratulations on the BP!

Look, I said I read the warnings, not that I heeded them... though with the insistence about the grapefruit juice and that I like orange and apple better, I normally do avoid it.

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