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asgardian to nerd
Is anyone else finding that their friends page and journal page are completely screwed up with the style completely screwed? Or is it just me????

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At teh monet, *paws crossed*, mine is OK. And there are several people in Daily at the moment and no one has mentioned anything looking odd.

Mine's ok at the moment.

It seems to be affecting certain S2 styles. I can't get 'Aquatic Moon' - my style of choice - to work and have switched to something else for the duration.

Mine's screwing up intermittently ...

I changed my style and now it works fine, though I am hoping I can change back to the original some time soon.

No problems with mine so far, but I've heard comments elsewhere that suggest it happening to other people fairly randomly.

It's something to do with the S2 styles, but what is something of a mystery.

I have a custom style, and everything's looking very odd - Denial as well. I thought it was just livejournal blipping.

Seems to be affecting the navbar at the top. Anyone who doesn't have that probably won't see any difference, and it looks like it's only comms that are getting it.

I just killed it with AdBlock, my own layout looked okay, but I was seeing it in others', so...

And now I read reggietate's post. Seems as if that move to DW is getting closer.

There's some other stuff going on to do with adverts, which may or may not end up with some adverts being displayed to paid users (they're proposing to change teh TOS so that it won't break previous asserts that paid users won't see adverts).

Bastards. This fellow igrick is clearly not interested in maintaining a good relationship with his customer base.

Haven't seen anything yet - if they are planning ads for permanent and paid users (as suggested in other comments), I think that's the end for me then.

Yes, though I suspect other journalling sites will follow suit eventually.

If, as it seems might be the case, the adverts only appear on your home page, I can live with that because I never use it.

I don't see anything messed-up about my style, but my most recent 4 posts have mysteriously vanished from my journal page. That's seriously unacceptable if they don't come back soon; they're still visible on DW, so I haven't permanently lost them, but I haven't done a comment import in the last few days, so I may have lost those.

I suspect the site has been hacked. It's a weekend and that seems the most likely explanation. Otherwise it's being messed with...

It's being doing that to me intermittently.

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