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Life with the dogs
So, Draco is barking at me. He's been fed and the chews are pretty much done for under the assault of Bren's puppy teeth. So I give Draco a dried pig's ear. Bren, quite politely, tries to chew the other end. Fearing problems, I give Bren a pig's ear too. Draco promptly drops his ear, chases Bren, assaults him, and grabs Bren's pig's ear, then trots off around the room looking for somewhere to bury it. So I give Bren Draco's ear. Bren, not being stupid, retreats under my chair where he feels protected. He is chewing the ear now. Ina, meanwhile, has taken Draco back to bed, from whence I can hear him barking occasionally.

Thus goes my life....
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Oh, goodness. I hope this settles down soon.
And that Ross gets to be Top, of course!

Oh, it's to some extent expected. Bren sent three quarters of an hour yesterday running round a room at the vets with a Shai Pei puppy and a Staffie puppy all three of them trying to nip each other. Older dogs will knock over and nip younger ones to teach them manners. I had locked Draco out of the sitting room, but Ina let him in because she hadn't realised why I'd locked him out.

Oh, dear! I hope an entente cordiale is established soon. This is why I've realised I can't have a dog because my husband wouldn't put up with barking. So for me, walking someone else's dog is the perfect solution. :)

Bren is reasonably quiet. Draco is obnoxious about barking whenever a bird heaves into view (this morning it was a heron on next door's extension's roof, which is hubris.

I keep pointing out to myself that they will settle down eventually...

I think Draco is in for a surprise in a few months. Bren obviously has the brain, and in half a year he'll also have the size. *grins*

What I have learnt from this is that I am never, ever going to have a Manchester terrier, though I could be tempted by a smooth collie were I not enamoured with salukis entirely. Smart and pretty, that Bren.

Fond as I am of Draco, a terrier of any kind is not my dog of choice. My 'dog of a lifetime' was a German Shepherd/Rough Collie cross, so a member of the pastoral group was natural. Also, I like medium to large dogs, and breeds that are intelligent but not totally hyper. (Hence my rejection of both the Border Collie and the Malinois, both of which I adore.) Too much coat is too much trouble (as I am sure, given your Saluki preference over Afghans and Borzois, which I share, you agree about) hence the Smooth Collie.

Draco doesn't sound like a kind canine (if canines can be called kind)...

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