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Imprisoned puppy.
Bren is currently doing time-out in his crate after he and Draco play-fought and raced round the living room. Once caught, Draco humped my arm and Bren was so excited he was nipping and mouthing me, which is NOT ALLOWED. Draco, meanwhile, is aggressively eating a chew at him.
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Canine equivalent of willy-waving? *g*

Oh, yes. What's more, Bren doesn't understand the standard domination and isn't going to roll on his back for me or anyone.

Totally. Draco has just killed his ball so ferociously that even Bren was intimidated.

It's partly stir-crazy - the weather has been so awful that they've only had half an hour or so outside in ten minute dashes between showers. Draco really needs at least an hour and a half walk a day.

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