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God, the weather's awful
It's raining so hard that even Bren is looking askance at the garden and has retired to his crate, while Draco is asleep behind Ina and the cats are curled up together on the bed.

Time to do some writing, I suppose.

Still, I have my ticket to The Avengers (I gather that no-one, not even Cap, actually gets to yell "Avengers Assemble!" so, doh!) the first 2D showing at our favourite multiplex tomorrow, and I have treated myself to their best seats, seeing as I'll be in the cinema for three hours. Apparently the first cut of the film itself was nearly three hours long, so that's 40 minutes of deleted scenes. Whedon says he isn't going to do a 'Director's cut' but he might change his mind. One can only hope.

Yeah, I'm fangirling, but then the Tomatometer stands at 97% fresh, and the score at 8.2 out of ten, and the imdb score at 8.9 out of ten. Both will go down as more reviews come in, but still...

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We have to wait until next Tuesday to go see it (busy weekend plus that's first available babysitter day). I have managed to hunt down and watch all of the other movies (other than the Hulk, which I think it won't hurt me to have missed out on) and I'm really looking forward to it.

I look forward to hearing what you think of it.

I doubt the backstory in The Hulk will make any difference, but the Edward Norton movie is worth seeing, he's good in it, and so is Tim Roth.

I thought The Incredible Hulk was okay - certainly better than Hulk but I also think that the way the critics are saying how good the Ruffalo Hulk is is a confirmation of my pet theory that superhero characters need other characters to bounce off.

Ulp! Sorry, Andrew. I didn't realise you were replying to Lissa. That'll teach me not to reply from the notifications!

Incidentally, I notice that it looks like Iron Man 3 is going to take its plot from the Extremis arc... which is what I would have done, I must admit, as both Demon in a Bottle and Armour Wars rely too much on no-one knowing Iron Man's secret identity. It'll need to be extensively re-written of course...

I read Extremis (because I like Warren Ellis), and quite enjoyed it. Lots of interesting ideas, at least. I can see it being the springboard for a good movie (suitably rewritten, of course).

And I think you're allowed to interject into conversations happening on your own journal!

I don't think you need to have seen either of the Hulk movies, though The Incredible Hulk isn't bad.

On the other hand, you may want to watch the stinger of The Incredible Hulk


And this Marvel one-shot


Edited at 2012-04-25 12:07 pm (UTC)

Thanks! It's handy to have the last few of those little teasers (though I had to go do research to follow what was going on - my Marvel reading days were a while ago and even then were mostly X-Men centric).

I've been watching the movies mainly at the cinema and I own (in store) Avengers #1 to about #150 (that's volume 1) and most of the Captain America, Thor and Iron Man stuff from the same period but that ended in the mid 70s. I've been having to catch up on more recent Marvel comics history, primarily so that I could find out what the devil the fan fic was referencing!

I've been doing some of that. I found the Ship Manifesto and a number of similar blog posts linked to from cap_ironman on LJ a good starting point for the fanfic for me - they did a good outline of the various universes too.

Though if the fic fallout from X-men First Class is anything to go by almost-purely-movieverse fic will be the dominant force for a while to come. Though even with post XMFC fic it's helpful to have a good grounding in X-men so you know who the various supporting characters are as they turn up, and even that isn't proof against needing to use the net for research (Deadpool being my most recent experience).

*This time with accurate links*

I actually came on the fanfic through valtyr's fabulous movieverse fic Tomorrow Belongs to Me


and I have a lot of decent movieverse stuff bookmarked, mainly by people who also write 616.

However, the best fic is the comics fic – if you haven't found them there are great recs at TV Tropes


and over on Dreamwidth...


but I come back time and again to tsukinofaerie's wonderful W.I.P.E. series starting with Without Irony


I find Wikipedia great for outlines....

Oh lovely - thanks for the recs. I've mostly been dabbling in this fandom for the moment so not found these.

Yes, I've been making use of Wikipedia too - every little helps.

Most of the AUs are awesome.

That stinger makes no sense to me. Why is Tony Stark trying to team up with the bad guy from the Incredible Hulk stories who Bruce Banner is desperate to run away from. How the hell does that even work?

After seeing that I thought Iron Man 2 had to be taking a much darker turn, but it turned out that he's still very much the good guy (albeit with the same old narcicissm). Why is Tony working with that guy?

Tony was taken on as a 'consultant' by Nick Fury in Iron Man 2 - the back story of the one shot (which is meant to explain the stinger) is that the US army and various others were trying to palm the Abomination off on Fury as part of the Avengers Initiative. Coulson and Sitwell, in the one shot, are discussing how to sabotage this without seeming to do so (which would be politically inexpedient.) They decide to send in Tony Stark with instructions to get the Abomination on the Avengers Initiative in the sure and certain knowledge that he would so irritate Ross that it would never happen.

Apparently Tony is supposed to have got so bloody annoyed with Ross that he bought the bar and closed it down...

Ah, I thought I remembered that video with the ever-awesome Agent Coulson. Clearly not. I guess I'll just have to watch it again. :P

Smells like a ret-con to me. It sounded originally to me like Tony Stark wanted to help them track down and capture the Hulk. Now he's supposed to be talking about The Abomination? I thought the Hulk already killed it? (Besides how the hell can they possibly have a monster of practically unlimited power in custody exactly???)

Comic book logic.

By which going into space turns you into a superhero (FF), a slightly different spectrum of solar radiation gives you X-ray vision (Superman) and billionaire playboys are allowed to adopt a series of young boys...

I have no idea what was originally intended by that stinger for The Incredible Hulk but the One Shot is now Marvel's attempt at canon and they are sticking to it.

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