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Bren on the Rec
Bren on the run

At the gallop

Bren chases Draco

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He looks so big! and so cute, lolloping after Draco, whose ball looks as if it would fit in Bren's mouth with room to spare.

He's bigger than Draco, but totally uncoordinated. He's outgrowing his strength, and eats like... well, he eats. He's only twelve weeks old, but he already knows his name and how to come and sit and walk on lead. It's many, many years since I lived with one of the pastoral breeds and you forget what a joy they can be.

Very glad to see you happy!

You've captured the uncoordinated effect very well! I'm sure he'll be a handsome fellow when he's grown into himself -- not that he's not appealing now -- and it sounds as though he's settling in nicely.

He's been chasing Draco in a wilder and wilder manner this evening, but now they have both flopped. More exercise for the lad tomorrow.

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