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The continuing adventures of Bren
Today Bren did a very brave thing: he walked on his lead across the busy road at the end of our cul-de-sac. Admittedly he was following the LDD (who he adores) who was annoyed because he was being slowed up by the GODDAMNPUPPY. However, when Draco had gone on on his long walk and Bren came back from his short one he had to be carried again, but he was only allowed out on Wednesday, so we are very proud of him.

He's got rather a long ride in the car this lunchtime as we are going to Ina's sister's for lunch on t'other side of the river. We'll try the ginger biscuit trick again - and if his paws suddenly hurt again we'll know it's that he's allergic to - but I don't think so.
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He's a lovely puppy! I am enjoying his adventures.

Thank you. It's mutual. I love hearing about your animals - not to mention those belonging to your various lodgers!

Oh, well done Bren! That's wonderful.
I hope his paws stay happy.

He is doing, it would appear, very well :-)

I love the puppy progress reports. He's doing so well. :)

So he's brave as well as loveable and a charmer! Draco will succumb some tme, if he is adored. That's irresistable.

I hope the allergic reaction proves to be to something easily svoided.

I have serious puppy envy hearing all about Bren!

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