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For those of you who were worried about my puppy, and posted tips - thank you. He finally settled around midnight. I went to sleep on the sofa - and about three o'clock he came and curled up near me. When Draco got Ina up a few minutes ago, Bren went to greet them walking normally. Though I had to carry him downstairs (for those who don't know, our living room is on the first floor (second floor for Americans), he went outside very happily, emptied his bladder (he has extraordinary bladder control for a pup his age) came inside and followed Draco up to the bedrooms, talked to a cat, then came downstairs again. He is now chomping on a rawhide chew.

His paws now feel cool, as does his nose.

I can see allergy tests ahead for him.
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I'm glad he's okay, but what a worrying night! Poor Bren. But best to find out why it happened.

I'm glad to hear. He really didn't need the stress of suffering and not sleeping. Not good for anyone, and definitely not for new pups in their new home.

He sounds as if he's a chipper little thing, though.

Just catching up with my friends list. I'm so glad the poor little fellow is okay.

I didn't read the earlier post until after I'd read this one. I'm glad he's okay.

I'm glad he's feeling better.

I'm glad to hear he's better today.

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