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This is going to be a bad night...
Poor Bren.

He wasn't sick. He behaved impeccably. He got home. He had his supper. Then, suddenly, he began racing round the house, scraping at his back paws, biting and licking his paws and whimpering.

As far as we can tell, he seems to have stood on something to which he has an allergy, and his paws are itching. This could be the rubber surface of the riding school where the agility class takes place, or it could be a plant. Anyhow, he can't settle. He keeps trying to sleep, then leaping to his feet and scratching. We have washed his paws, but he is flinging himself around the room and is plainly in some discomfort. I was terrified he had been poisoned or was fitting, but neither is the case. We are just going to have to sit it out until morning...

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Poor Bren.

The mention of ginger makes me wonder if bathing his feet in (cool) camomile tea would help?

Oh, no! Poor little puppy. I hope it gets better very soon. What does the vet say?

Oh, poor Bren. I hope it passes soon.

Oh, poor puppy. And poor people looking after him.

What would you use on an itchy mosquito bite? A little cortisone cream or antihistamine cream rubbed onto his pads might help. But then you'd have to put booties on him to keep him from licking/chewing before it took effect, and that might be worse. Ice water or Aveeno might do some good. Poor little guy!

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