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Puppy Progress - Thursday
Bren hates the main road - which would be fine if we didn't have to cross it to get anywhere interesting (a puppy version of interesting). Currently, I carry him across the road, but he's a big lad, even now. At least he doesn't struggle. What's more, unlike the LDD, he has no problems with the rain. He's been in the local pet shop, and made friends with the owner, though her GSD wasn't, thankfully, present. Tonight he's supposed to go with the LDD to the agility club, because everyone there wants to cuddle him. It will be good for his socialisation. I hope.

On the other hand, he is probably going to be car sick. I've had advice, including the strange idea that a ginger biscuit fed just before the journey will make his dinner stay down.

We're also averaging one accident a day inside the house, which isn't that bad -- and a lot better than the said LDD was at that age.
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Ginger is certainly good for quelling nausea in humans - I take crystallised ginger on long coach or car journeys. Whether it works with dogs, though, I have no idea. Worth a try.

That's exactly what I was going to say. It works for humans, so it's worth trying for a dog, given that ginger isn't toxic to pets.

We used that on our dog and it did seem to help.

Hopefully he'll get less anxious about the road, at least when you're with him, as he gets more exposure to it. Best wishes on the car journey.

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