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Puppy progress
Bren went for his first walk this morning. (Which reminds me, I must put his training lead on a radiator to dry out.) He didn't want to go out and I followed advice and carried him over the road to the rec.

Once there, though, he ran about after Draco and Draco's ball (with me running after him holding the end of the lead) and walked nicely through the woods. He greeted a large black lab, and made friends with said lab's (male) owner. He also peed a couple of times. He loved the grass and running and all THOSE SMELLS. Draco is so useful here, as Bren wants to follow him everywhere. I had to carry him across the road again as he didn't like the cars, but once in Willowmead he charged for home, still with me holding onto the lead.

We'll take him out again this afternoon, hopefully in another break in the rain.
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