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Yawny Puppy....

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Sometimes. Not when he starts yelling at 2am he isn't!

Actually, he's wonderful, though he will bark back at Draco. He's suddenly got lots of energy, and I shall be grateful to reach Wednesday when we can take him out onto the recreation ground and let him run.

I suspect that when Bren is a little older and wiser, he will fit comfortably into Draco's shadow.

He's very beautiful... but he's going to be a big dog like his dad.

My goodness, he only just fits now! He is a gorgeous creature.

We have a bigger bed (into which we used to fit three Orientals and two kittens, though it had to be said the kittens tended to have to lie on top of Mum, Granny and big brother.) We need to bring it out of where it is hiding and set it up in the crate. (We also have a bigger crate waiting.)

Cuteness overload!!!

He doesn't exactly look as if he's uncomfortable. :D

He went in there himself. The photo was taken at lunchtime...

He's gorgeous! I hope he's swttling in better now.

Well, he only seems to have yipped for about five minutes early this morning, and he is now back in his bed with the door to the crate open, sleeping off a large breakfast.

We need to cure a little habit of doing a wee near the TV when he doesn't feel like going downstairs to the garden (he still doesn't really like stairs and, while I can still carry him, it won't be long before I can't) but he is still only eleven weeks old...

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