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Bren is a sweetie
Occasionally, when left alone, Bren has started going into his crate and sitting in his bed (which he will soon outgrow, but we have a larger heated one which was bought for cat-families but is now heading in his direction.) This is wonderful. We want him to feel his crate is a safe place.

He is also trying to play with Draco, but using suitable caution. With a more open space, they should play together quite happily.

The effect of the injection has worn off, and Bren is bouncing. Also barking, mainly in an attempt to get Draco to take notice of him.

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He sounds adorable. I hope the cats are coping.

The Orientals are ignoring him. Flash has decided he is okay. Zara whapped him yesterday...

Ah, proper dog training. Mooncat approves.

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