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Go Nico!
What a super result!

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It was very exciting! This season is turning out to be a really good one in that no one has established early dominance and there is a lot of competition among both the frontrunners and the lower points places -- races are fun to watch again!

I do wish they had managed to secure Schumacher's tyre, because I like him and love having a middle-aged driver in the pack -- I cannot wait until he is back on the podium. But he was so lovely about it when interviewed that I feel certain the poor lad who didn't get it on, and the lollipop man who released the car, will both feel a bit less awful. Despite the fact he was happy to drive other racers off the road in his earlier career (he seems less lethal these days), Schumi is a good team man, and I like that.

And it wasn't until today's podium that I realised the German team has two German drivers just as the British team has two British drivers … am thick sometimes ... Keeps the anthems short!

Schumi is having all the bad luck this season. It really is too bad.

Great race! And talking about German drivers, how come Niki is German when I'm sure Keke is Finnish?

Sky were talking to Mika Hakkinen after the race and he said Nico is always finnish when he wins. ;) I guess Keke married a german lass or settled in germany so Nico had the choice. It certainly suits Mercedes for him to race as German.

10 minutes. 10 minutes!!! I left the room when the radio news came on (fingers in ears, la la la), spent most of the morning outside cutting grass and weeding and avoided the news web-sites after the race started and 10 minutes before the replay was due to start on sky, I was scrolling through my flist looking for a particular entry I wanted to reference in an e-mail and ... spoilered. *facepalm*

It's not that we weren't up early enough for the live race, but that by the time he's dealt with getting dressed and breakfast and medication and ear drops, well, the race had already started and he needed a bit of a snooze. :)

Oh, Charlie - still, it was worth watching for the later part of the race where everyone was overtaking.

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