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Shanghai Quali and the dogs...
Just as I get over the mild virus I had picked up sometime before Eastercon, I had the real concrud and get the sniffles and blocked sinuses. Last night I lay aware listening to puppy complaining downstairs until after twelve, then woke up to the sound of barking at around five am. So I give the cats their treats and head out for the bathroom, only to see that the downstairs lights are on. In the living room I find Ina sitting typing at her computer. Seems like Draco woke both her and Bren up with by barking, and she came downstairs to give the dogs access to the garden.

I tried to take Bren back to bed with me but he wasn't having any, and I ended up on one of the couches with a pillow and a spare duvet while Ina went back to bed. (I can do this because I am only five foot three.)

Having no hope of getting back to sleep, I turned on the TV, and suddenly there was F1 quali. I was sort of half-listening to the presenters waffling, and so went back to sleep and woke up most of the way through Q2. So I did get to see most of the action. By gum, this season has been opened out from last. Congratulations to Rosberg for putting in much the best lap of Q3, and to Mercedes in general for locking out the front row (in the certain knowledge that Hamilton would be moved back on the grid for changing his gearbox.) It will be interesting to see what their race pace is when people don't crash into them...
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Just watched the Sky replay of Qualifying at a much more civilised hour. :) One of my favourite games now is watching the background and trying to spot the BBC crew somewhere in the distance. Mostly they seem to be staying out of each other's viewfinders.

Excellent result for the Mercedes, but it will be interesting to see how they match up in the race. Excellent drive by Kobayashi and the Saubers will definitely be cars to watch tomorrow. I have a feeling Vettel will do better than his grid position and Massa not so much. But I'd love to the the same three drivers on the podium after the race. :)

Yes, the Saubers are plainly the dark horses this season. If I was in either of the Mercedes I'd be wary of Kobayashi - sometimes he seems to lose all idea of what is reasonable for an F1 car.

Then, of course, it might rain...

Long- term F1 fans, if you get the chance, check out Steve Ryder's series of interviews with former drivers "F1 Legends". It's a great example of an interviewer getting more out of an interviewee by just sitting back and letting the interviewee speak.

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