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My mind works in mysterious ways
As some of you might have surmised, Bren is named after Bren Cameron, the hero of the Foreigner series by C.J. Cherryh.

Suddenly, yesterday, I took to addressing Bren as "Bren-ji".

Now Ina, who doesn't like the books, is doing it too....

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As long as you don't start calling him "nadi" when he misbehaves ...

If he'd been a tri, he might have been Banachi..

Re-watching Getbackers. There's a minor character called 'Bren'. Is it bad that I immediately thought of your dog? :)

Always been more of an Alliance-Union universe fan, meself ;-) Wish I could get 'em as ebooks.

I don't normally buy hardbacks, but that's how I have the entire series. I happen to think Foreigner itself is one of the best books I have ever read for its alien culture clash - though I always recommend ignoring the first two 'parts' and starting around page 70.

I must try it some time. I don't buy nearly as many novels as I used to, as I never seem to have much time to just sit down and read. I tend to do it at work, or when I'm in bed. Hence the desire for ebooks. I've been going for free stuff where I can find it, but I must start buying a few, as well.

I had wondered where the name came from, but only got as far as thinking about guns.

We did think about the bren-gun too.

People seem to go for 'Smith' and 'Wesson' for pairs of Dobermans or GSDs - and 'Magnum' is fairly traditional.

Before I got the pocket Dobermann that is Draco I really wanted two Dobes called Ingram and Uzi...

I'd almost forgotten about Ingrams.

You can tell, can't you, that Ina and I were Professionals fans?

Something gives it away ...

*lacks a suitable icon*

Oh, I don't know. Bodie played cricket for his 'old mob' (i.e. the SAS.) Personally, I wouldn't play cricket against the SAS...

Thanks for reminding me of where I know the name from! I knew it was literature rather than being just 'a name'.

No relation - but I thought wonderful this, which I came across while pottering around 'Bren' :

Just showing proper respect!

Ina doesn't like those books?! Sorrow. Cherryh finds something new to say about alien cultures and interfaces in each one, I think.

She'll kill me for saying this, but Ina doesn't like books she has to work at or which have lots and lots of characters. Actually, she's much more a fantasy person anyway, while I've always been mainly an SF reader, and I love 'hard' SF.

Some authors handle lots of characters better than others, for sure. Cherryh's quite good at it.

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