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Things Bren Learned Today
1) Not to steal Draco's food or use his own toys when Draco is present.

2) How to go up stairs.

3) How, sometimes, to go downstairs.

4) How to chase a ball.

5) That his crate is a safe place - except when he'd rather not be in it.

6) That whimpering for half the night will not bring Lil and Ina to his side. (Though this is very, very hard.)

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Oh, bless.

And good luck with him learning 6 properly QUICKLY.

Sounds like he's a clever dog. Is Draco accepting him, in the "oh, yay, another dog" sense?

But 6) is plain mean! Dogs are supposed to be in beds. I've learnt that from every saluki and IG I've ever had the pleasure of being owned by. :P

He can't sleep on my bed until he and the cats accept each other perfectly, though that doesn't seem to be problem it is with Draco. We crated Draco until he was about a year, when he suddenly screamed and scrabbled for four hours, and Ina gave up. Actually, he is very nice to sleep with. Much less restless than the cats.

Bren is very gentle and very bright. Draco is okay unless he thinks Ina is paying too much attention to Bren or that Bren has something Draco thinks ought to be his.

I'm glad they're getting along quite well. And I can see the problem with the cats.

He sounds like a lovely dog, Bren. And he's so incredibly pretty in that puppy-ish adorable way. His expression is wonderful.

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