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Everyone's Doing It
inamac took the picture and used photoshop skillfully.

Me on the Iron Throne

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As to the manner born!

What a beautiful top.

It's actually a sort of throw over and was an (inspired) gift from my sister-in-law. (My brother has never done presents. Before he was married, I used to shop for him. Now his wife does.)

That's some nice embroidery...

And clever photoshopping.

Ina is great.

Isn't the throw-over lovely. Occasionally my sister-in-law is inspired.

First of all, incredibly pretty top.

Second of all, amazingly rendered 'shop.

Sorry, I'm all about the rhyme today.lol

The fibreglass 'throne' at Eastercon turns out to be a remarkably accurate version of the one used on the show, so all I really needed to do was match the size and colours and sharpen up the edges. I am getting obsessive about 'shopping.

Oh, impressive. And nice robes/dress/top.

And a lovely bit of work it is, too! :-)

I'll back you against Cersei and Joffrey any day...

Well, so long as neither have any of their backups. I'm not going against Jaime. (And I don't even like 'Game of Thrones' - at least not since the second book.)

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