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Everyone's Doing It
inamac took the picture and used photoshop skillfully.

Me on the Iron Throne

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As to the manner born!

What a beautiful top.

It's actually a sort of throw over and was an (inspired) gift from my sister-in-law. (My brother has never done presents. Before he was married, I used to shop for him. Now his wife does.)

That's some nice embroidery...

And clever photoshopping.

Ina is great.

Isn't the throw-over lovely. Occasionally my sister-in-law is inspired.

First of all, incredibly pretty top.

Second of all, amazingly rendered 'shop.

Sorry, I'm all about the rhyme

The fibreglass 'throne' at Eastercon turns out to be a remarkably accurate version of the one used on the show, so all I really needed to do was match the size and colours and sharpen up the edges. I am getting obsessive about 'shopping.

Oh, impressive. And nice robes/dress/top.

And a lovely bit of work it is, too! :-)

I'll back you against Cersei and Joffrey any day...

Well, so long as neither have any of their backups. I'm not going against Jaime. (And I don't even like 'Game of Thrones' - at least not since the second book.)

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