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This morning was the V-E-T. Bren needed his second injections and his check-up and Draco needed his eyes looked at again because there is still crud in them. It's a ten minute drive to the vet and Bren, naturally, was sick again. Hopefully the memory will wear off... Not only that, the vet car park was just not full but overflowing, with enough cars parked on the pavement to make it difficult for anyone to get out. We decanted Ina and the dogs and I drove a loop and found a parking space a couple of hundred yards away down a side road. All very well, but I had to carry puppy back to the car as he is too young and vulnerable to be put down in this environment.

Bren sat on my knee in the surgery and eyed the Chi on the knee next to us with justified wariness. Draco lunged indiscriminately at passing people and dogs.

Anyhow, Alistair-the-vet checked Bren over, received my reassurances about worming and fleas (already protected) and his parents' hip scores (0 and 5), the result of the puppies eye tests (clear), and the results of the parents' genetic test for the eye problems that are common in collies (genetically clear) and pronounced him an excellent puppy indeed after injecting him. Draco we are going to try with different eye drops.

We drove home. Bren dribbled. Once home, there was a garden break then Bren, much to his chagrin, was put in his crate with food and water while we took Draco out.

Since then Bren has learned to chase balls and not to steal Draco's dried pig's ear.
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Is it reasonable to assume that Bren will develop into a cunning and competitive thief of toys? Unless Draco gets him thoroughly hexed early.

Right at this moment, Bren is next to me eating Draco's pig's ear.

So the "not to steal Draco's dried pig's ear" lesson didn't last long. Draco has yet to discover the deleghts of puppy training. I'm glad Bren's settling in so happily. I look forward to meeting him.

Bren is almost the exact opposite of Draco - Draco is very, very possessive of his tennis balls and of anything that might be food.

He's so handsome: I look forward to meeting him.
And best wishes to Draco. And, of course, my special boy Ross and all the otehr cats and especially you and Ina.

It's all still very strange at the moment, but I am hopeful about Bren and the kitties, as he seems completely at ease with them. Meanwhile, Draco killed a fledgling this morning. The daft things will take their flying lessons around the bamboo, and Draco thinks they're there for him to chase...

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