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Bren at 10 weeks 6

Bren at 10 weeks 3

Bren at 10 weeks 1

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Oh lovely.

We do look forward to meeting him.

Soon - but he's outgrowing his co-ordination at the moment and won't be walking very far for a while. (He has HUGE feet. I have a feeling he's going to be like his Dad - the full 26 inches at the shoulder.)

He's a very handsome hound! I love his little white socks *g*.

Yes. And the white streak on his head, and the white tip to his tail. Ina likes his 'neckerchief.'

Ohh he looks lovely. Very bright and full of personality

His personality - read, ability to chew everything - is now kicking in.

What a handsome little chappie!!

Not so little! He's taller than Draco (at ten weeks!) and you should see the size of his feet.

Oh, that is the cutest, prettiest thing, ever! He had grown a lot. He looks like a proper dog now, but OMG, it's so pretty.

Congrats, Lil. :)

Thank you. That comment means a lot from you. At the moment he's still very unco-ordinated, and has huge paws.

(Deleted comment)
Oh, wow. He looks as if butter wouldn't even get near his mouth, let alone melt there, but I suspect it is misleading :)

Gorgeous :)

Ina said, "He doesn't seem to chew things as much as Draco did." Ten minutes later he had chewed the edge of my camera case, the throws on the sofa and my fingers.

Oh he's gorgeous. Looks like plenty of fun.

For certain definitions of fun, I suspect.

A handsome lad. Congratulations!

What a cutie! He's very alert looking and very good looking.

He has grown up so much since the last photo posted! and is beautiful. I love his air of confidence. And if training is required - you intended to supply that.

How is everyone else reacting to his arrival?

The meeting between him and Draco, which we expected to be fraught, was incredibly cool. Draco is very protective of all the toys - even ones that aren't his - and there was tension when Ina picked up puppy's food bowl and put it in front of him with Draco present, but we sorted that our and, hopefully, they won't do it again.

Gosh, what a grand puppy!

What a fine handsome fellow!

Re chewing... neither Spot nor Spike ever tried to chew on the computer cords, for a mercy, and Winnie was past the chewing phase when we trapped her. But Spike is extremely fond of heavy cardboard; we dare not leave a box open in the public part of the house, or he'll chew the exposed edges ragged.

Draco was a pain as a puppy for chewing and we have a cat, Zara, who is particularly keen on biting cables, so long as said cables are small enough. The only way to stop her is to wrap those wires in insulating tape. Otherwise we use bitterapple or bitterbite sprays to stop chewing. (These were designed to stop dogs chewing their coats.)

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