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Fraught, fraughty fraught.
Just before we left this morning, I thought to check the roads and learned that the A151, along which we were going to travel to pick up puppy, was being dug up at the junction where we had to turn right (with a comment from the Beeb that the diversion signposted apparently added forty miles to the journey.) Another route was planned and plotted, then we leaped into the car at 8:30 in the knowledge that it should take two hours, and that we'd added an extra half hour for possible delays.

Ah, hubris. The rubbish vans holding up the traffic through Abridge and the tractor on the road at Epping were just the start of it. As we left the M11 for the A14, ominous signs appeared saying that there had been an accident on said A14 up near Peterborough and that there would be delays. They weren't kidding. The accident involved a tour bus (what my parents would have called a charabanc) and a lorry. The whole thing merited ambulances, police cars, and incident vans. Cambridge radio was estimating delays of an hour, but I think we were only held up for about forty minutes.

So we turned onto the A1 at the time we hoped to be arriving at the breeders, and this cold appears to have affected Ina's ears, because she had no luck calling the breeders on either my phone or hers.

We turned off at Clipsham at about the last time we should have arrived, and pootled down the slip road, only to come face to face with queueing traffic - into which queue I had to turn right. Joy.

So we sat at the temporary traffic lights for what must have been ten minutes, during which time I, somewhat illegally but with no danger to anyone, grabbed my phone and got through to the breeders, who sympathised. They were resurfacing the road up to the Clipsham roundabouts, and escorting the traffic through, just like a safety car in F1. I've never seen that before.

From then on it was plain sailing, apart from a little detour when Ina shouted 'turn left'! Me, turning left, "Are you sure about this?" Ina: "Well, no." Me: "Well I am, and we need to turn round." We arrived at our destination some fifty minutes late, were fed tea, handed over cash, and acquired a puppy, along with paperwork and good advice. Puppy's registered name turns out to be Kingrock Cornelius, but he will be Bren.

We were also told that collies are often car sick. Oh boy, was Bren car sick. Plus he dribbled for almost the entire journey. He was a bit wobbly when we took him into the garden and started looking for his brother, who has shared quarters with him for a couple of weeks after his sale fell through.

However, he is now in a crate, lying in the dog bed Draco had nothing to do with, and has drunk enough water to rehydrate himself, and not thrown it up. In a little while I'll let him out. Zara, Flash and Kurt have touched noses with him, but Kurt is not impressed. Ross is annoyed.

There will be photos later today.
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I do hope the return journey with carsick pup on board was a little less fraught.

And, welcome to new puppy!

Sympathies on the road chaos. With regard to what you said about, "escorting the traffic through, just like a safety car in F1," we get that frequently here, usually when the stretch of road works is unusually long and they have those giant tarmac machines in operation.

Anyway, I saw the Bren photos in your next post, so I assume he got over the carsickness OK. He looks lovely!

Well he does look recovered and perky

got through to the breeders, who sympathised. They were resurfacing the road up to the Clipsham roundabouts

Shouldn't that be the council's job?

Sounds like everyone had a helluva day, and that it's a good thing you're all home recovering. Bren photographed beautfiully later, so I hope you and Ina too are now feeling better.

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