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Back From Eastercon
This started with TomTom being too clever by half, and putting out a download that scrambled the brains of all connected satnavs, including our Hermione, so that none of them could receive a GPS signal. Just in time for the UK Bank Holiday.

Had a good time at Eastercon, spending a few minutes with a lot of people I don't see elsewhere. The BSFA lecture on the Norman Conquest was fascinating, as with the talk on Archery. However, a number of panels seemed to be duplicated, and some of them had people up front (men and women, I must add) who were far less knowledgeable about the subject than the audience.

Ina and I also got con-crud. I spent a fair amount of time yesterday locked in my room sleeping, missing the Milford meeting, for which I apologise.

Avoided all the GoH speeches, quite deliberately. Anyhow, we decided to come home at lunchtime, not loaded up with books, for once.
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Unless you picked up my cold, which is doing marvellously well - ick. Get better soon!

I'm glad you enjoyed Eastercon, even if you skipped some things, and skipped out early.

Good luck collecting Puppy tomorrow. I hope TomTom has corrected itself before you set out.

We're pretty sure it's not your cold but something we picked up from the Agility mob.

I must confess I'm glad to hear that. Because this is not a good cold. At all.

Sorry I didn't see you. I was only there Fri late to Sun early though I did toddle along to the Milford panel. As usual mostly I was just hanging out, though some plot-noodling also happened, so it was a good con. :)

I was delighted to meet you and Ina in persons.

I too went to the Archery one (and have noted Brave as a film to see).

But most of the con I spent (as you saw) offering people a badge, a keyring or a badge and a keyring and having interesting conversations with people I didn't know as a result.

We were delighted to meet you too!

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