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Lots of time today keeping Kurt away from Zara and Pyanfar, who are both 'calling'. Have now hidden all the food except that in the sitting room, where Kurt is currently not allowed. He is being starved prior to the op tomorrow.

Otherwise today has seen a lot of TV; 'Johnny and the Bomb', various docs, and then a double dose of 'Invasion' with 'Lewis' on the hard disk for tomorrow...

Apart from that it was the usual visit to Sainsbos - got three bottles of Champers at half price, though, which made it sort of worthwhile..

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Sainsburys are selling Champagne at half-price? How long for? Their own label or someone else's?

Cripes! Not their own label, but a couple of the smaller houses, one of which, I think, supplies them. Normal retail price around £20-25 per bottle. Current price around £11 - £13.

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