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The (seasons) they are a changing...
Headed out this morning to fill up the car for a long drive this weekend (then Eastercon, then another long drive to collect puppy) and then on to Claybury park, where we saw bluebells and wood anemones in flower. In March! And tonight we noticed violets in Chigwell Row Wood.

Draco has been such a good boy, particularly when having his eyedrops, and with other dogs today, that it is almost a surprise that he's gone into his usual evening-hyper self.

Meanwhile, if anyone has any tips gained from experience at integrating a puppy with an older dog, I'll be happy to hear them. It's not something I've ever done before...

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Enjoy EasterCon!

I fear I have no idea about introducing dogs to each other, but if we get a new cat I will be basing your LJ door down demanding help on how to introduce a new cat to an older one...

We brought in the puppy (Lily), said: here is the puppy, and the two older dogs (male and female) went 'ooo, puppy!' and that was it. They seem to recognise A Young Thing and respond accordingly, but it would probably depend on the dog and possibly on the breed.

My suspicion is that it depends a lot on the attitude of the owners too...

I imagine (from my vast non-dog-owning experience) you are correct, since just about all dog attitudes seem to relate to owner attitudes in some way. I suspect that as long as new!puppy is subject to the same basic rules of the house as LDD and is clearly being treated as a dog and not a pseudo-baby, it will be up to the two of them to sort out the hierarcy as new!puppy grows up. but I guess it's jealousy that needs to be avoided.

I don't think I've ever seen a situation where Cesar has suggested different treatment for different dogs in a household (different training methods maybe) and mostly his solutions for multi-dog households appear to come down to enforcing standard rules. I should think you'll handle it admirably. :)

In Cambridge (the one on the left side of the pond) trees are in full bloom, but a deep frost is predicted for tonight. I don't know what they'll look like tomorrow.

A good long walk before letting the puppy go into the house/garden for the first time, that way they're introduced to each other on neutral ground. Preferably somewhere with a fence so that the pup can run without lead for a little, that is if LDD doesn't try to eat it.

But any normal adult dog should react to puppy submission accordingly, exactly as Mevennen says. But the walk-before-entering-new-home has been carried out here every time a saluki-puppy was brought home and I've never had any problems with the intro. They usually show when the younger dog becomes a teenager.

Thank you. We'll take that advice.

There was a piece about the bluebells on the Today programme last week: they haven't arrived here, though!

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