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Actually got my act together today...
black widow
Well, just the hotel booking amended (and I have to say that that Raddison are splendid on the phone) because we have to come home Monday so we can pick up puppy on Tuesday. Also, Ross needs his injections and so have booked that, together with Little Dog Draco, because we are a bit worried about his eyes at present.

Next thing is a new dog cage.

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It's already this Tuesday, the new puppy? Oh, my!

Unfortunately, no. Puppy is ready (8 weeks) tomorrow, but I'm not picking him up until the Tuesday after the Easter weekend, when the Science Fiction National Convention is taking place at Heathrow, and Ina and I have been booked for two years...

Ah, I thought that time had passed by a bit quickly, too, so that explains it. :) Not good with time currently.

I should have realised that there hadn't been a report from the con.

It should have occurred to me that not everyone who reads this is in UK SF fandom.

See? That's so unfair. You have all the fun: the good dogs and the good cons. :P

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